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All-Church StayTreat Registration is now open!

You are invited to stay in town for this year’s All-Church Retreat! Our Theologian-in-Residence, the Rev. Dr. Christy Lang Hearlson,…

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Third Thursday Taize Prayer Service Beginning this Fall

On Thursday, September 20, step back from everyday life to be refreshed, and encounter God in the silence. No preaching…

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2018 – 2019 Program Year Theme: God’s Invitation to a Christ-Centered Life

God’s Invitation to a Christ-Centered Life will be the 2018-19 program year theme. As we were moving toward the choice…

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Done in 60 Minutes: Freaky Fast Introductions to the Christian Basics

PROBLEM #1: I need a sweeping overview of some basic matters of the Christian faith, like the Bible, or church…

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