Leadership Consultants Engaged for Revitalization

As we enter a new season of growth and change, Session has recommended a partnership with AE Sloan Leadership, led by Tod Bolsinger, to clarify our values and mission. Beginning with input from all members of the congregation and culminating in recommendations for reclaiming and revitalizing our congregational identity, the consultants will work with small groups for the next 12-18 months. A combination of focus groups, story-telling exercises, and community interviews will inform the process.  


Questions for exploration include: 
  • How do we embrace this critical inflection point in the life of the church – as an opportunity for a new season of vital mission?  
  • How might we leverage what is beautiful and unique about the church to embody grace to those who need it? 
  • How might the charism of First Presbyterian address the pain points of our community as an expression of God’s mission in the world? 
  • How might that inspire us to faithfully change and grow?  
  • How will we identify the underlying issues and organizational challenges that hinder us from being the church we need to be? 

Information on the progress of the work and updates will be posted regularly to this page.  


About AE Sloan Leadership 

With over 30 years of church, organizational and educational experience, AE Sloan Leadership was founded with the priority of building a culture for change within an organization through consulting and building adaptive leadership capacity within a transformation team through coaching. Team members include pastors, teachers, coaches and consultants who have been trained by Tod Bolsinger (MDiv, PhD), co-owner and principal, who founded the company with his wife Beth Bolsinger, a licensed marriage and family therapist.  

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