Plansoen Scholar Update: AJ Jackson

An Update from Plansoen Scholar AJ Jackson:


This past fall semester has been a little roller coaster for me regarding life. I went into the semester with big plans for football but was completely derailed by tearing a ligament in my foot which required surgery. But ultimately, this didn’t end up being the worst thing. My attachment to football allowed me to neglect other areas of my life that needed work and attention. I still finished the semester with around a 3.0 gpa, improved my mental health, and improved the relationships with those I love. Most of all I came to the realization that my fate is not in my hands. I learned to let go. Working the rummage sale was fun just to see all how much it means to the members of the community. For people to understand the effort and appreciate the items brought before them was truly special. I even got to purchase some artwork for myself: “Not all who wander are lost”. The church services have been particularly interesting just considering how different they are. At home church feels like a chore at times. But the couple services I went to gave me some insight into how the pastor has led his community and it was spectacular. Giving  pieces of personal information into his own life to correlate to the word of God, made it more relatable, understandable, and easily receivable. 

Next semester will be my last of classes. My senior seminar will take me through the mind of Nietzsche to finish of my philosophy degree. I am also taking an acting class and stepping a little out of my comfort zone. I’m excited to see what this brings out of me. With football looming in the spring, I will be looking to make my comeback with a new found love for the sport and appreciation for the game. My fraternity Phi Beta Sigma will be a more active chapter with hosting a couple of events every month. From the canned food drive that will kick off the semester to another informational on sexual assault, we will be stepping up our effort to make an impact in the community. I will still have one more semester before my bachelors degree to take an internship for credit at the college. This will allow me to compete in the fall football season.

Lastly, thank you for the opportunity to be a Plansoen scholar. I would not have imagined all the new people I have met and been loved by in this community without even knowing. This scholarship has taken so much of the pressure of being a student off my shoulders and allowed me to focus solely on my improvement for a little while. It has allowed me to be a better son to my mother. It has allowed me to be a better teammate for my coach. It has re-sparked my relationship with Christ. All in all, I understand that my year would have looked much different without the people of this community. I can’t thank y’all enough.

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