Interior Renewal Update – November 2018

Interior Renewal Update – November 2018

Sometimes a great notion. Dare greatly. Hear God calling in the night. This is how I see what we are doing now at FPCLF through the Interior Renewal Project, as we call the renovation of the current choir room and kitchen, the updating of South Parlor and the creation of a new choir room downstairs.

A great notion — create a warm and welcoming gathering space that is easily accessed as you enter the church or exit the sanctuary.

Dare greatly – think that we can buck the tide of diminishing church attendance, and that we are not languishing during an interim period but that we are envisioning a bright and positive future.

Hear God calling in the night – God is calling us to connect to each other, inviting us to a Christ-centered life. By hearing God’s call to move us forward, we are making a visible statement that we are alive and well.

Dave Tolmie heard this call and wondered if others did too. He reached out to some First Church families for anchor money for this project. These generous donors dared so greatly that we have raised $1.4 Million towards the project. We are fortunate that we will not use any existing church funds for it, but we still need your help and we will be asking for your support in the near future.

We are well on the path towards starting construction — but specifically where are we? We have had structural engineering studies and have completed some repairs. Permits for construction have been submitted to the city and are expected to be approved in mid-November. We are still on schedule to begin construction on January 2nd or 3rd with a completion date of Easter 2019.

The interior design team has spent innumerable hours looking at and deciding on carpeting, sofas, tables, chairs, lamps, etc. Appliances have been ordered for the new kitchen. Our motto has been “style with grace” as we design and decorate a family-friendly space where our choir room now stands, and in updating South Parlor which will be remain a little more formal to accommodate our more serious occasions.

And what of the new choir room? Again … plans, permits, lighting, acoustic ceiling, new storage areas and a wall divider have been carefully detailed and designed. The good news about the choir room is that each step can be accomplished independent of the other steps, and the choir can start practicing there in January in a special space created just for them.

Lastly, you may have seen that we need a name for the new space and are thus in the middle of a “Name Game.” I invite you to submit your suggestions for the name of this new space. All top suggestions will be voted on by the congregation. Hurry – the Name Game closes on November 4!

Let’s embrace this great notion, let’s dare greatly, and let’s hear God’s call. We are moving forward, showing confidence in our church and in God’s invitation to connect and to lead a Christ-centered life.

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