February 2019: Interior Renewal Project Update

February 2019: Interior Renewal Project Update

by Jan Gibson, announced in worship January 6, 2019

Notice anything different around here?

I’d like to give you a quick update of what’s happening right now with our Interior Renewal Project.

As you can tell, we are officially under construction! Walls that once sectioned off the choir space and kitchen are currently dismantled. The choir will move into its state-of-the-art lower level music room in mid-February. Our former kitchen with its few feet of counter space will evolve into a new space with four times the counter space.

And … we are so excited about this transformation even though for the next four months, we will all be inconvenienced a bit – or a lot! We hope you have seen the rendering by the sanctuary’s side door.

I want to make three quick points about the update:

First, the name. It will be selected by you this month. You’ve already gone through the primary election by narrowing the selections to three: (Friendship Hall, the Great Room, or Trinity Hall). The name will be announced on Sunday, January 27, at our services. You may vote for one of the three selections by casting your vote in one of our ballot boxes all this month. For this election only, we are adopting the Chicago method of voting: Vote early and vote often. This is your space— please vote. [Editor’s update: “The Great Room” was the winner!]

Second, next Sunday, on January 13, we’re creating the first time capsule for the church in the form of a steel beam. We invite you to sign your name on the new beam from 9 am to 1 pm, in the new space. The following week, this steel beam will be lifted into its new home as a structural part of our church. By the way, there are other steel beams up there, but this will be our newest beam. Your signature will be part of this time capsule for us as we will belong to this church forever. [Editor’s update: The steel beam has been installed, and can still be viewed as you look into the construction area.]

Third, some of our members have been very generous allowing us to have the funding we need to kick off this project. However, we haven’t all been officially asked to contribute yet. We didn’t want to interfere with our stewardship campaign, which is the primary focus. We will begin asking for contributions as we seek your support in March.

It’s not just the incredible space that we’re going to have; it’s the fact that we’re going to connect and invite our community to be a part of us as we worship together.

Next month, stay tuned to what you will see in our new space – designs connecting the sanctuary to the new space, examples of furniture, fabrics, and carpet samples.

We are moving into a period of renewal and revitalization for our church. God bless our congregation as we move together through this transitional time. Good things are happening at our church.

God bless us all.

Jan Gibson and the Interior Renewal Task Force: Nancy Thomson, Roger Burgis, Jim Mynhier, Bob Price, Dave Tolmie, Jan McNicholas, Chip Hardwick and Tom Tropp

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