Work Trip RSVP


If you are interested in coming along on Work Trip 2019, please indicate your interest here:

Work Trip Requirements

Points & Fundraisers

To qualify, you must earn at least 10 points by attending youth events. Each event is worth:

1pt  Youth Group
1pt  Other youth events (Pop-Ups, Service Opportunities)
1pt  Church Service Opportunities (including rummage, the auction, ushering Sunday mornings, Sunday liturgist)

Helping with fundraisers is also required. You should:

Participate with Bowl-A-Thon (November 11, 2018)
Participate in Dinner & Trivia Night (March 17, 2019)


Requests must be made by April 4

If you don’t meet one or more of these requirements, you’re invited to submit an exception request. Exceptions will be reviewed by the Youth Leadership Team under the guidance of the Youth Group Advisors and Youth & Young Adult Faith Formation Committee. The exception form can be found here.

5 Point Minimum

You must have earned at least 5 points in order to be considered for an exception. If you have extenuating circumstances (boarding school, a Sunday-night job, etc), you must contact Sean as soon as possible to discuss with the Youth Leadership Team alternate ways of earning the points.