Thank you for celebrating Festival Sunday!

Festival Sunday was a joyous celebration of baptism! We renewed our baptismal vows and enjoyed a delicious French toast breakfast together. With the Praise Dancers from Hope Presbyterian Church joining us to lead worship, the service was a truly rich experience. Thank you to Mike Adams and Geoffrey Luce for heading up the morning, the Sanctuary Choir for fabulous music, and Julie Collier Sanders and the Praise Dancers for a moving interpretive dance

There is a “heavenly host” of folks making Festival Sunday a reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you to:

  • Dewey, Anne, Nick, and Ben Winebrenner for set-up
  • Susan Daly and Peg Gronau for managing the kitchen
  • Gale Strenger Wayne, Nancy Hamming, Pat Cummings, Tracy Tolmie, Anne Tropp, Laura Johnson, and Dena Marvel who prepared the wonderful French toast casserole
  • Donna Coffin, Bill Ensing, John Gescheidle, T.S. Elliott, David Strong, Diane Quinn, Barbara Schultz, Martha Zeeman, and Cindy Johnson, the Pastor Nominating Committee servers
  • Currie Gasche for the creative art project
  • Mary Watanabe, Liz Gescheidle, Sande Noble, Tom John, Nancy and JJ Johnson, Harriet Perrin, Diane Fondriest, Martha Richter, Rosalie and Rocky Daehler, the cleanup crew
  • Julie Collier Sanders and the Hope Presbyterian Church Praise Dancers
  • Jan Gibson for organizing the signing of the steel beam
  • All the staff, with an extra thank you to Cat Rodriguez and Michael Valdez, our tireless custodians who did their work impeccably even with major construction going on!
See photos from Festival Sunday here!