The All-Church Nominating Committee (ACNC) has begun the process of gathering names of servant leaders for our church:

  • Elder
  • Deacon
  • Member-at-Large of the ACNC

The congregation is encouraged to offer nominations for church officers. Self-nominations are encouraged. The ACNC will consider all nominations and propose a slate of candidates for congregational vote.

2020 Nominations are closed.

Printed forms are also available at all name tag tables and the church office. If you would like to fill out a paper form, please leave the completed form at the church office, on the offertory plate or in the ACNC mailbox in the workroom.

If you would like to contact those who currently serve in these roles and ask them about the service and work they have volunteered to undertake, click on the following links to find the list of Elders and Deacons. Please feel free to contact any member of the ACNC, as well.

Members of the ACNC

Teri Albus 630.207.3238,
Renee Borkowski: 312.286.7838,
Kimberly Carris: 312.371.4502,
Marcy Kerr: 847.295.8316,
Chris McNicholas: 847.528.7187,
Lisa Murray: 847.331.0561,
John Noble: 847.226.5030,
Michelle Newman: 773.905.2515,
Amy Wells: 248.231.6384,