Mission Moderator Geoffrey Luce joins board of Mission Partner Lake County Haven

My term as Elder has expired and so too my role as Moderator of your Mission Committee.  My first purpose for writing this note is to thank you.  I am grateful to the congregation and staff for the opportunity to serve and for the help/guidance given to me. I have learned much over the past three years: I am more empathetic and interested in others, and will continue to strive to lessen burdens of those in need as a welcomed habit learned during this time.  I am a better version of myself.  
I continue on my faith journey as we all are, trying to discern the signs needed to walk where GOD desires me to go. Next, I plan to join the Board of one of our Mission Partners Lake County Haven.  I will continue to faithfully be a member of this congregation, and invest myself in Mission efforts, volunteering with others hand in hand.  I have learned that volunteering repays the volunteer in multiples of the effort.
I am writing to let you know that all of us can have a door opened similarly if desired.  We have many Mission Partners that want to invest in us as we invest in them and the people in need that they serve.  Should you want an introduction, or someone from an agency to contact you, whether to join their Board, to volunteer, or as a donor, a word to Stewart Kerr, the Director of Mission, any of our pastors, or anyone serving on the Mission Committee, and they will run with it on your behalf.  I encourage you. Kathy McFarland likes to say that serving others is the rent we pay for our place on Earth.
Lastly, let me say that your Mission Committee is very strong, the bench deep, and the congregation generous and engaged. Nina Strnad and Laura Johnson are the new co-moderators who will lead. Both have decades of experience and service in these causes.  Both have been installed as Elders, as has Sally McDonald, all three joining Barbara Schulz as Elders serving on the Mission Committee.  This representation is testament that Mission is part of the DNA of First Pres Lake Forest.  Our mission is to send well-equipped disciples of Jesus into the world—compassionate, generous, resilient and wise.  We are all family.
Love and blessings,
Geoffrey Luce