Lent 2020: Uncertainty

Lent 2020: Uncertainty

The spiritual season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 26 and concludes on Easter Sunday, April 12. With all the uncertainty in the world today, First Pres will be addressing this uncertainty through the ministry of Jesus and through his own relationship to the Father. Using Magrey R. deVega’s Embracing the Uncertain as a study guide, the pastors will lead discussion groups each Sunday morning and each Wednesday night throughout Lent. A sermon series will accompany the small group studies and both will be available to all who wish to follow along. As Magrey says, “It is only by embracing the uncertain that we can fully acknowledge the power and the proof of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is at the empty tomb that we discover that the ground has settled, our footing is sure, and that there is only one source for a firm foundation upon which to build our lives.”



March 1, Week 1: “The Uncertainty of Faith”
The Desperate Father, Mark 9:14–29

March 8, Week 2: “The Uncertainty of Forgiveness”
Peter, Matthew 18:21–22

March 15, Week 3: “The Uncertainty of Worry”
The Voice from the Crowd, Luke 12:13–34

March 22, Week 4: “The Uncertainty of Mortality”
Mary & Martha, John 11:1-44

March 27, Week 5: “The Uncertainty of Surrender”
Zacchaeus, Luke 19:1–10

April 5, Holy Week: “The Uncertainty of Obedience”
Jesus, Matthew 26:36–46

April 12, Easter Sunday: “The Empty Tomb and the Proof of the Resurrection”
You, Matthew 28:1–10

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