What to Expect

Some students wonder: what’s a Presbyterian?

What if I’m Methodist or Eastern Orthodox, or spiritual but not religious? What if I grew up A.M.E. or C.O.G.I.C. but I’m in Lake Forest for college and can’t find a church like this nearby? Well, we believe that Christ has set a banquet for all of us—it’s an amazing feast overflowing with life, truth and beauty that God desires we all share together. While Presbyterians draw on a rich history with particular forms of worship traveling all the way back to Scotland and Switzerland, at the end of the day, our church is made up of a diversity of genuine, loving, sincere people who want to get to know you and hear your story. This is the family of God, and we welcome you to make this your spiritual home during your college years. Contact Pastor Kristie at kfinley@firstchurchlf.org for more information about how to connect on campus and in the church. You can also join our group on Facebook, catch up with us on Instagram, follow us on Twitter and sign up to receive our newsletter.  



Each year, students come to us wanting to plug into the life of First Pres. Service is at our core and we love to discern ways in which you can express your faith through serving in the church. Students currently serve in Rummage, Sunday night worship leadership, youth ministry, children faith formation, choir and more.