Being Good Neighbors in a Red-Blue Land: Courageous Conversations

How can we connect with neighbors and family across party lines? What shall we do to help heal a divided nation and mend a fractured Christian church in America? We could start by sitting our Red, Blue, and purple political selves in a room together for a good chat.
Courageous Conversations help us talk with one another about crucial topics across our differences. Join Dr. Allen Hilton, leader of the House United Movement, and our FPCLF leadership team Sunday after the 9 AM worship service in the Fellowship Hall, as we ask, “What Place Has Politics in Church?” To do this well, we need everyone’s voice, so please bring your listening ears, your good mind, and your loving heart. This prep guide will give some background on this topic and a few things about the way a Courageous Conversation goes and why we do them. Read if it helps, but please come on Sunday, whether you’ve read or not. We’ll see you then!