All Saints Labyrinth

The All Saints Labyrinth will be back on the South Lawn this week. The labyrinth is a meandering path that leads to a center, used as a tool for meditation, contemplation, and spiritual transformation. It is typically circular and is not a maze, in which there are dead ends and where you can get lost, but a path that leads you to the center, no dead ends, and leads you back out. The labyrinth dates back at least 4,000 years. One of the most famous labyrinths is on the floor of the Chartes Cathedral in France. Many faith traditions use the labyrinth for spiritual centering, discernment, and contemplation.

This labyrinth is constructed adjacent to the Memorial Garden, and is a lighted double spiral, making evening walking easy. A double spiral has a path to the center and a separate path out. This allows one to walk out the labyrinth without having to share the path with someone walking in. There is no correct way to walk the labyrinth, and each journey through the labyrinth is unique. Walk it at your own pace and be open to its gifts. There will be directions at the entrance to the labyrinth. As with past All Saints’ Day Labyrinths, we invite you to walk it honoring the saints in your life, even living saints. If you are unable to walk the labyrinth, and would like one of the pastors to do this honoring walk for you; have any questions, or want to know more about labyrinths, please contact Pastor Kristie at

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