The Practice of Pronouncing Blessings: Benediction

It was fitting that Sunday’s sermon on pronouncing blessings was given by Pastor Corey, on his last Sunday with us. While he gave the sermon and pronounced a blessing on us, we also had an opportunity during the morning to bless Corey and his wife Miriam. We will miss them both, and are grateful to God for the gift of their friendship and ministry over the past nine years.

I was struck, during the many comments made at the reception time, how our lives intersect with others in diverse ways. In regard to Corey, some mentioned especially appreciating his organizational leadership, some spoke of his pastoral friendship, some focused on his preaching, and there were other comments as well. God uses us in a variety of ways in the breadth of the relationships in our lives.

Barbara Brown Taylor writes: “This kind of a blessing prayer is called a benediction. It comes at the end of something, to send people on their way.”

Corey and Miriam, you have blessed us. We hope we have been a blessing to you as well. As we send you on your way, as we go on our way in life, or as we “stay where we are,” may we give and receive God’s blessings in a fresh way. Thanks be to God!

Questions for Reflection:

  • Think of particular persons in your life who have blessed you. Identify the ways they have blessed you. If you want, you might follow up by sending them a card or calling them this week to express your appreciation.
  • Say a special prayer this week for Corey and Miriam as they navigate their move to Ft. Collins, Colorado


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  1. 1 Nina said at 8:29 pm on August 4th, 2016:

    Lovely reflection! One thing I love about this is BBT’s reminder to be mindful… It was a sad farewell, but a wonderful opportunity to articulate appreciation, to demonstrate that the special people in the life of our church are not taken for granted.

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