Hope: Matthew 1:18-25

The Light of Hope — The promise of the Messiah is given to the Israelites not when things are auspicious, but precisely when they have no reason to hope. But God is faithful, and the promise is fulfilled in the difficult time of the Roman empire.

Theme: Matthew 1:18-25

Mary was so worried that Joseph wouldn’t marry her. She could have still had her baby alone, but they would have been angry at each other. This would have been so sad because they loved each other.

Mary knew that she was going to have a baby and that he would be God’s son, Jesus, who would help so many people. Joseph didn’t believe this was true. It would have been hard to believe what Mary said because it was so strange. Or maybe Joseph didn’t want that much responsibility—being the parent of God’s son?

So God sent an angel to tell Joseph in a dream that what Mary said was true. Maybe God didn’t want Mary to have to go through everything alone. And maybe God wanted to make sure that Jesus had a dad.

God must have loved Mary very much!

Thank you God for loving Mary and Joseph. Thank you for loving us. Amen.

Suggested Daily Activities/Reflections
(Choose the ones that resonate with you most fully to try with your children.)

  • We like to light our Advent Wreath at the dinner table each night. We sing a verse of “O Come O Come Emmanuel” as we do.
  • We read the Christmas cards that we received during the day and pray for all the families.
  • We set up our Nativity Set before Advent but we put the shepherds “out in the fields” and keep the Wise Men hidden. As Christmas approaches, we move everyone closer.

— Foley/Pagliarella Family
Colm, Amy, Nolan & Rowan

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