Ace Ambassador: Maureen Olsen


“So we are ambassadors for Christ”

—2 Corinthians 5:20

Ace Ambassadors is a new, bi-weekly section of the bulletin highlighting a member spreading Christian values. Please suggest members to profile or if you would like to do the interview and write-up. There is a box and sign-up pad on the usher table in the narthex.

If you are suggesting someone to profile, please write “Profile Suggestion: Person’s Name” on the piece of paper and drop it in the box. If you would like to do the interview, please write your name and contact info.

Maureen OlsenWhy did you join First Pres?

The first time I sat in the sanctuary, I heard a voice saying “you’re home.” My husband, George, and I live in Vernon Hills and were shopping for a church in 2000. It was like uncovering a treasure you don’t expect to find. In the church bulletin there was information about First Pres becoming a Stephen Ministry church, and I said to George that I want to pursue that. That was my motivation for joining.

What has been your volunteer activity here since you joined?

I’ve been a Stephen Minister for 12 years; am on the new member committee; was a deacon for six years; and am a newly appointed co-chair of the 65-year-old Rummage Sale that will take place this year on May 2 and on Sept. 26.

What are your responsibilities as co-chair of Rummage?

Starting in early April I volunteer about 30-40 hours a week organizing more than 30 departments; I sort donations and recruit volunteers year-round. As we get closer to the event, it’s all rummage, all the time!

What are the benefits of shopping at this sale?

Finding incredible merchandise at affordable prices, including hidden, unexpected items. There’s everything under the sun, plus one. We promote being green and reusing everything we can.

Is there a bible passage that guides you?

Luke 2:48 – “Every one to whom much is given of him will much be required.” My family comes from humble circumstances, but I never felt anything other than wealthy in my soul.

How do you demonstrate your faith on a daily basis?

The first words I think of every morning are, God, what do you need from me today? What God needs will show up.

More than anything else, what turns you on in life?

Truly, service. Service is what I am, down to my core; it’s the bedrock of who I am. That’s my job in life—to serve.

What do you do to sustain your energy for this life passion?

Spending time with my family and friends is very important to me, and that recharges me.

Interview and photo by Laurie Giesen, volunteer and member at First Pres.

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