Ace Ambassador: John Remington

“So we are ambassadors for Christ”

2 Corinthians 5:20

Ace Ambassadors is a bi-weekly section of the bulletin highlighting a church member successfully and cheerfully spreading Christian values. We invite you to suggest members to profile and, if you would like to do the interview and write-up, we highly encourage that as well. There is a box and sign-up pad on the usher table in the narthex.

DSC_0501What are your current volunteer efforts, and how often do you do them?
This is my fourth year volunteering at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital in the emergency room (ER), and I do this two times a week for four hours each day. I was given a button for 2300 of service. Additionally, I volunteer in the ER while in Ft. Myers, Fla. One of the things I do there for patients is to try to relieve their stress, such as asking them if they’d like coffee, tea, or a beer (kidding about the latter).

Why did you choose the ER?
I’m finally doing what I love to do: helping people. It’s more rewarding than sales, which I’m retired from.

How do you feel about extending yourself in this way?
Great! God says I want you to do my work, so I do this work. It’s gratifying and other people appreciate it.

Why did you and your wife Nancy choose First Pres?
We are Presbyterians. It’s never been a question since moving here in 1967.

What is the benefit of physically attending church?
It’s the all around experience: the people, the organ music, and I’ve gotten close to some of the pastors over the years.

You said you’re 79 years old going on 50. Please explain.
It’s an attitude!

Interview and photo by Laurie Giesen.

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